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Free Literature

Below is a list of the multi-lingual literature currently available for free download. 

ACA Bill of Rights



Loving Parent Guidebook Step Group

Free Trifolds

Free Documents and Flyers

Addressing Predatory Behavior Tent Card

Note: This safety card is available for use in all meetings. The Literature Committee is requesting fellowship feedback on the card's value and effectiveness. Please email comments to, for more details see this 
fellowship announcement letter.

Sample Meeting Format

Guidelines for New Meetings

Seventh Tradition Donations:
Where Does the Money Go?

Hospitals & Institutions

The Twelve Steps of ACA

Loving Parent Guidebook Step Group

The Twelve Traditions of ACA

The Laundry List

The Other Laundry List

The Flip Side of the Laundry List

The Flip Side of the Other
Laundry List

The Problem

The Solution

The Promises

The Twelve Concepts of ACA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



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